Privacy Policy

At Solstice, the privacy of your data is one of our top priorities. We will never share any personal information about you, your home, or your energy usage without first acquiring your consent, or aggregating or anonymizing your data with others such that no data can be connected back to you or your personal account. We use best practices and technology to encrypt sensitive data and keep your information secure. Below you will find details about what data we collect and what we use it for. If you have any questions or concerns about our privacy policy, please contact us at

Thank you, and we look forward to giving you a modern energy experience.


Information We Collect:


Our hardware products will collect information about how energy is used in your home. We will store information about the amount of current drawn from power sources in your home, the voltage of your power source, and the state of charge of any batteries you may use for back-up power supply. Our products may also collect data such as indoor temperature, humidity, and solar insolation levels near your home. We will also monitor information on the status of our hardware products, such as battery charge level and cellular connection intervals and strength. 


Our mobile and web applications will collect some information about your home and basic energy configuration. This may include your address, the size of your home, details on large appliances such as air conditioners, dish washers, water pumps etc., your roof layout and your preferences for how you would like to manage energy in your household. We will also collect data about your energy sources, include the size and type of any generators you run, inverters and batteries you utilize or solar arrays that you have had installed either by Solstice or another entity. We will store information about the cost of these energy sources, including your utility fixed and per unit rates and the cost you pay for fuel. This data, as with all other data, will be confidential and anonymous and will never be shared with a third party without your permission.

Use of Collected Information:

We will the information that we collect through our hardware and software products for one or more of the following purposes. 

  • To help you understand energy consumption and costs in your home and plan for energy efficiency and cost reductions through personalized tips and strategies.

  • To present you with customized solar energy system solutions that will save you money on your energy expenses.

  • To allow you to budget your energy expenses and track the amount of money that you have spent on energy in your home over a monthly basis.

  • To overall enhance your home energy experience and ensure that you are receiving the highest level of service we can offer in pursuit of a Modern Energy Experience.

  • To understand energy dynamics in homes more fully in order to improve our products and services in the future.

  • To enable Solstice to engage in partnerships and business development relations through demonstrating the efficacy of our technology and systems through real (anonymous) examples.

  • To improve the operations and logistics of our company in order to better serve you and other customers in the future.



If you have any questions about our privacy policy please direct them to

This policy may be updated in the future to reflect changes to our product line, or improvements to the way that we handle and store information about you, your product usage, or your home. Please check back in the future if you are interested in updates to our policy.

Last updated May 2019