With SHYFT technology, you can bring intelligence to your solar, generator, inverter and utility power. Our solutions help all your energy solutions work together seamlessly in order to help you save money and make life easy. 


power source optimization

SHYFT technology helps you reduce time on costly power sources, like a generator and find ways to optimize for cost savings. 


Budgeting & Planning tools

In-app tools help you plan your weekly or monthly budgets and advanced analytics helps you keep on track. 


cost-benefit design tools

Use SHYFT tools to determine how well alternative power sources, like solar or inverters, could work specifically for you. 

Robust Energy Monitoring

Unlike other solutions that can only monitor one or two power sources, SHYFT technology can monitor several. From a phone or a computer, monitor and secure all of your power sources. Real-time monitoring features include the ability to be alerted to unusual activity,  fuel levels and misuse/abuse.

We’ve been searching for something that can help us monitor our generators and prevent fuel theft or misuse.
— Nigerian Property Management Company

digital changeover

Long gone are the days of using a manual changeover switch. Stay productive and conveniently change power sources from a phone or a computer, anywhere in the world, anytime.


remote control

Know when power systems are supposed to be on or off, an be able to remotely control that. Shut off power sources when they shouldn't be in use and ensure timely payment from your customers or tenants. 


power scheduling

Set schedules for when certain power sources, such as the generator, should be on or be available. SHYFT software will automatically turn power sources on and off based on your schedule and preferences. 


Reduce support calls

Customers can now monitor their energy consumption and costs in real-time, reducing the need for support calls and explanations. 


prevent failures

Real-time system analytics can help prevent failures and help users better understand how to manage their energy systems. 


increase satisfaction

In-app tools let users see how much they're saving and increased power reliability, increasing customer satisfaction.