CISCO Awards Solstice as a Global Problem Solver

Solstice is thrilled to be announced as one of the Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge (out of over 1000 applicants worldwide). A team of industry experts from Cisco will evaluate each entry based on its level of innovation and digitization, feasibility, impact, and clarity to determine the winning ideas.  CISCO states that "Digitization is about connecting people and things to the Internet so that the information those connections provide can be used to improve processes and decision making." At Solstice, we're working to connect the worlds distributed energy resources, improving intelligent energy management, decision making and seamless integration of solar+storage. This award will help us to advance our technology-enabled solution as we enter beta. We’re honored to be part of the Global Problem Solver community and to represent tech in Africa! @ciscoglobalproblemsolverchallenge 

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